Diary, Black Pool and Beginnings

 Diary, Black pool and Beginnings are a series of hand-stitched books that explores personal narratives, memories and images as living entities similar to the nature cycle of life. A performative-based experience that hopes to evoke thoughts and action through an act of exchange.



50 x 30 x 7.5cm | Hand-stitched book

The intense introspection that I have engaged in through my two years of studying art therapy have raised my self-awareness and bought about self-discovery where we dive deep into the depths of our inner self, that inspired this series of artworks.

Diary – The discovery of an old diary and realising that its meaning, relationship with the artist have changed over the passage of time was the first in the series. The deconstruction and reconstruction of the diary papers to create the artwork shows the the links to the past and the direction to the future.

blackpool and beginning

Black Pool and Beginnings

18 x 35.5 x 0.5cm, 21 x 30 x 1cm | Hand-stitched books

Black Pool – The black pool of misery, pain, grief and hurt all begins with a single spot in our mind and it slowly grow to become an abyss of darkness. The control and fluidity of the black pool depends on our own resilience and thoughts: embracing or letting go of the things we can and cannot change.

black pool

The book cover is soaked through with chinese ink and the ink slowly becomes lesser as the pages goes by. It ends with a spot of ink on the last page. A representation of the collective society we are in, an Asian culture of not expressing our feeling and keeping it to ourselves, hence at times the manifestation.

Beginnings – A plain white book that shows new beginnings, letting go and starting again. A new beginning that shows it is beyond our control who will write in the book. It is up to the owners what they make out of the book. In time the book could be reconstructed  and make into a new one like the Diary, signifying a completion of the cycle and rebirth.

Photo credits: LASALLE College of the Arts.

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