┬áParallel is a personal journey to understand the woman I never get to know, my late mother. The journey begins after I am finally given permission to read┬ámy mother’s diary, the entries were written at a time where my mother was the same age as I was when Parallel begins. It is a visual record and documentation of my journey, the things I saw, how I come to terms with the past and my own emotions. A shared memory between mother and daughter.

A journey to face the past, to find hope and courage for new beginnings. All is well.

parallel diaryMother’s diary

Parallel_Still156 Parallel_Still159 Parallel_Still149 Parallel_Still148 Parallel_Still157 Parallel_Still153 Parallel_Still154 Parallel_Still155
Stills from Parallel Documentary


Mixed Media Installation, Short Documentary (14 mins) | 49 x 24 x 31 in | 2012

Parallel installation4
Parallel collaterals inside the table

Parallel installation
Completing her unfinished design, our mother and daughter moment.

Parallel installation3

Saga Seeds are little red heart-shaped seeds that signify love and affection. In the Chinese language, “Xiang Si Dou” can be translated as ” I am thinking of you’. Bottles containing saga seeds are given out to encourage viewers to start their own journey of the search for answers and closure.

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