Time Out through Arts

An 8 week long art therapy group where at-risk-youth identified with anger management issues meet up weekly to share and learn better ways to cope with expression of feelings through individual and group artworks. Students are introduced to values such as resilience, team work, problem solving skills and working through conflict. This project was conducted in collaboration with a school.

Below shows some of the student’s reflections and learning points after the sessions:

“I learnt how to have resilience on the clay artwork. When I wanted to give up, I showed resilience and continue and I finally ended up with a wonderful clay artwork.”

“I┬álearn to have better team work and to control my answers.”

“I have learnt to be patient in art. When want to give up, keep calm and continue the art. RESILIENCE”

“I have learnt to draw some things and it is very fun. We learn to have respect for each other and have good manners.”

“I learn to get to know my friends better.”

“I learnt how to communicate better and talk to my friends the proper way. I also learn how to draw better. I have learnt not to be so angry for no reason.”

“We learn to keep calm”

“I hate painting but I will do it better”

“I have learnt to be patient by waiting for others to share.”

“I have learnt how to communicate with one another in a proper way and have good manners when you are angry with someone else. I also learnt how to improve in my art in this Time-out program.”