Something and Nothing

Something and Nothing questions the existence of places and objects that are often neglected due to familiarity; or our perceived nonexistence of it. Wan Ting believes that the existence as well as our participation of the viewing of places and objects is a reflection of life; a juxtaposition of the old and new, the mundane and significant, of darkness and light.

Could these empty spaces of what appears to be nothing have an existence in our consciousness and possess a life as we view them?

The artists encourages you to see them as they are, or have creased to be, or could have been, and if they mean something or…nothing.

Something_and_nothing17 Something_and_nothing15 Something_and_nothing11 Something_and_nothing12 Something_and_nothing16 Something_and_nothing14 Something_and_nothing19 Something_and_nothing13 Something_and_nothing10 Something_and_nothing18 Something_and_nothing9 Something_and_nothing20 Something_and_nothing8 Something_and_nothing7 Something_and_nothing5 Something_and_nothing6 Something_and_nothing1 Something_and_nothing2 Something_and_nothing3 something and nothing crate boxes Something_and_nothing_exhibition

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