Stop and Play


A series of intervention/experimentation that uses everyday objects together with the reconstruction of commonly found street signs around Singapore to inject a dose of fun and aims to promote interaction among the public with the artworks. It raises the questions of “What is Art?”,  “When is public art public?” and  “When is it just an environment?”

Safe peek inSafe peek in_Im art

View of the content inside the SAFE-PEEK IN box.

The artwork was placed outside Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall when it was closed for major renovation. In the local context, beans sprout is another term for music notation. A cheeky take on the closure of the concert hall, the musical notes have fallen as no music can be heard from the hall.


Stop and Play Street Sign


Truth or dare


Got Balls?


Kick Me

Play | Hop and Hop Frogs


stop and play_frogs2

stop and play_frogs5 stop and play_frogs4

stop and play_frogs3 Stop and play_frogs1

After Work | Glowing in the dark everyday objectstop and play_hi

Stop and play_LED BOAT

Dear Observer and Invaderism
Dear observerDear observer2

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