Tee Ko

Tee Ko  | As part of Singapore Writers Festival Fringe, Origins of Desire

Dear Stranger,

I’m an inquisitive fellow. I love the spaces in-between, the cracks, gaps and holes. I know none of this really matters, for we don’t know each other. But I believe in sharing what we have and I can’t keep it a secret any longer.

I hope it brings you as much excitement and exhilaration as it does for me.

Go on…take a peek.



Tee Ko, hokkien for ‘Voyeur’, is an interactive installation that invites you to peer into the untold erotic stories of people’s everyday lives through the spaces in-between: the cracks, the gaps and the holes.

teeko3 teeko2 teeko

The mirror below the box reflect the writingsteeko4 teeko5 teeko9 teeko6 teeko7


Exhibition area for the Tee Ko installation.



teeko15teeko13teeko box

I look, therefore I am |Mixed Media | 73 x 41 x 39 in

teeko_foyer2 Teeko_foyer1

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